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It is my joy to commend to you the services of Steve Dietzel. Steve has been helping ministers like myself for many years. He himself, is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and understands the life of the minister. Steve’s ministry, through Guardian Promise, is to assist other ministers in preparing well for retirement. Not all retirement plans are equal. The overriding question most of us ask in approaching those retirement years is “will I have enough to provide adequately for my wife and me?” Many of us have seen some of our hard earned money saved for retirement vanish as the stock market has taken unexpected downward turns. In the early years of ministry, we had time to “wait it out” but not in those later years. Steve can show you not to worry about the markets, while at the same time, you know your money is set on a path of guaranteed return. It would be worth your time to talk to Steve. After all, what do you have to lose, except some hard-earned money? Dr. Bob Pearle, Pastor, Birchman Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX.

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I consider it a privilege to commend to you the services of Stephen Dietzel & Guardian Promise. The information Steve shared with me has proven to be invaluable. As I am in my late 60s, with retirement on the horizon (the far horizon, I pray!), I was eager to hear about a unique plan that provides more for my wife and me than the retirement accounts I previously held. Steve shared details and illustrations fitting the Wascom family needs via an instrument called the 403[b]9. The illustrations Steve shared convinced my wife and me to transfer a significant amount of other accounts we hold into a program offered through Steve Dietzel. We are now able to more safely utilize my housing allowance, both now and in retirement. The funds are receiving a higher return on my investment than they were gaining with my other 403[b]9 accounts - and without risk of loss. The guaranteed "pay out" when I do retire is several thousand dollars per year higher than that projected with other funds. Very importantly, I can opt to receive my "pay out" as a "housing allowance." There are other reasons, but frankly, I would encourage you to have a conversation with Steve and let him design your own personal illustration. You owe it to yourself and your family to meet with Steve. God bless you. In Christ, Dr. Lonnie Wascom, Pastor, Walker Baptist Church, Louisiana.

Greetings brother. It has been my privilege to have known Brother Steve Dietzel for nearly thirty years.

A couple years ago, Brother Steve provided information to me, through Guardian Promise that was valuable in my retirement planning. I was most eager to learn what he shared with me and wanted to recommend his services to you. Basically, he made me aware of unique features of the housing allowance as well as the ability to better utilize my retirement dollars. He first showed me how to protect my funds and provide a guaranteed and even partially tax free income in retirement. My principle as well as my growth is guaranteed in my 403[b]9 account. My wife and I are also guaranteed a higher return on my investment than what was/is provided by Guidestone. We will also have a guaranteed income for our lives. Steve serves ministers all over the country. On a side note, Steve has an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as an M.Ed. from the Univ. of South Carolina. His calling in ministry is to serve pastors and other ministers in a financial way that is most unique and very meaningful. Brother Steve can explain all this when you meet. I would encourage you to have a conversation with Steve and let him discuss with you your own personal program. Ministers of any age should seriously consider this program. God’s Blessings,  Rev. Ron Rasberry, Associate Pastor, Jefferson Baptist Church, Louisiana.

Dear Pastor, I have taken the liberty to provide your contact information to Brother Steve Dietzel, as I found the information he provided me to be valuable. Because I am nearer to retirement, I was willing and eager to learn what he shared. After hearing the information from Steve, through Guardian Promise, I made the decision to transfer a significant amount of retirement funds from GuideStone to one of the quality companies of which Steve made me aware. I did so for 4 reasons. 1) First of all, I was provided a safer alternative for me and my family, both now while working and in retirement.  2) The funds into which I made the transfer were earning significantly more than the funds in which they were invested with GuideStone.  3) The retirement funds through Steve also qualify to be withdrawn as “Housing Allowance,” a feature that saves taxes when withdrawn, not available with IRAs or any other instruments. 4) Finally, the funds are placed in instruments in which I will not lose any of my principal amount or future earnings. Steve can explain all of this to you. Therefore, I would encourage you to consider hearing what Steve will share with you, especially as you draw closer to retirement. Blessings, Rev. David Brown, Pastor, Gray’s Creek Baptist Church, Louisiana.

Recently I met with Steve Dietzel and was very impressed with his devotion to the Lord and his passion to help ministers. He is a friend of many years and a man of complete integrity. In fact, after our meeting he informed me that he would not recommend anything to change in my retirement provision. Now that is refreshing...a man who is providing something and recommends you not take it! You will be blessed just to meet and listen to what he has. He, in turn, will be the first to tell you if it is something you should look at further. You will be blessed just to have some time with him! Dr. Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus, LifeWay.


Among the many considerations of choosing a financial advisor for retirement is the financial advisor himself or herself. I have found Steve Dietzel to function with integrity considering his client above his personal interests. He loves pastors and Christian workers and wants to advance the cause of Christ. He is someone in whom you can place your confidence. Dr. Grant Richison, Advancing Missions, Florida


Our exclusive and proprietary program, with a major insurance carrier, allows God’s Ministers to utilize their housing allowance within a 403(b)(9), specifically for ministers. We provide the knowledge and resources to help Ministers have a secure and Guaranteed Lifetime Income in retirement, so they can focus on what God has called them to do. See the web site above for the Guardian Promise program.

Minister's 403(b)(9) Retirement Plan

A 403(b)(9) is a defined contribution plan specifically designed for the unique needs of churches or church organizations and ministers. With the housing allowance, a minister can basically use a portion of his income, up to 100%, for his housing allowance as long as he can justify the expenses as housing related. Expenses can basically include everything except food and clothing. 

On the housing allowance the minister pays no Federal Income Tax or State Income Tax, but only Self-Employment tax [15.3% typically]. On funds the minister places into his retirement account NO taxes will be due upon withdrawals during retirement. While the IRS allows ministers to use the 403(b)(9) account for housing allowance, an IRA is not acceptable. An IRA is a personal or an Individual Retirement Account. The 403(b)(9) is an account that is governed by the "Church plan document" which specifies use of the housing allowance for the minister[s] of the church.

What are the options for the retirement accounts for most people? There are really only two options - one is mutual funds and other volatile stock market products. While mutual funds, in particular, are excellent for growth, they also have the element of risk. The second, safer option, is a money market account, but earnings are often 1% or less. A third option can provide not only good returns, but a guaranteed and insured income - for life.

The Market has been a good long-term accumulation vehicle, while insurance may be better for safety and guarantees. Since the market crash in 2008, conservative investors have averaged 3-4% annually for the past 10 years. Some aggressive investors, willing to assume more risk, have averaged up to an annual net gain of 7%. Annual brokerage fees of typically 1-3% each year reduce tremendously the long-term values of retirement accounts.

What are your accounts earning? If you consistently average 10-14% a year or more on your investments, that is excellent - and this program may not be for you! On the other hand, compare a stock market retirement program, mutual funds for example, with the guaranteed insurance products we provide. You may see tremendous advantages with insurance products that may typically increase your retirement income by 50 to as much as 100%. Detailed supportive data is available as well as further discussion based upon individual circumstances.

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Stephen Paul Dietzel was raised in the shadows of goal posts and stadium lights from the Louisiana bayou and the LSU Fighting Tigers to the mighty Hudson River and the West Point cadets, to the historic lowlands and the Fighting Gamecocks of South Carolina.Growing up the son of a nationally known football coach, he did not have to travel far to bask in the presence of some of America's finest athletes and coaches. 

Steve had the opportunity at a conference of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to hear his heroes of the sports' world proclaim Jesus Christ as their "Master Coach." That was the encouragement he needed to invite Christ into his heart.

He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master of Education in Counseling. He received the Master of Divinity degree in theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Over the years Steve served on the staff of Dr. Edwin Young at the First Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina, the national staff of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the LSU Athletic Department as Director of Promotions. In 1981 he started his own insurance marketing company. The past 25 years he has emphasized unique retirement programs with safety from market volatility and providing a guaranteed income for life

Since 2015, Steve has also helping Pastors and other ministers with their retirement programs, specifically utilizing the housing allowance - only available to ministers.

Steve and his wife Judy have one son Paul II who is married to Shelby and they have two children.

From revivals, banquets and church retreats, to seminars on self-image and motivational leadership. the desire of Steve's heart has been to challenge people to move from the realm of the spectator to the participant in life. It is so easy to sit contentedly in the arena and watch with the cheering crowds.

God calls us to be competitors and not merely onlookers. Our fellowship with Him strengthens relationships with husband and wife, family, friends, business associates, acquaintances and even those people who may cross our paths only once. The game of life goes on . . . so too must we.



COACH PAUL F. DIETZEL, [deceased] was the national Coach of the Year at LSU in 1958. He was also head football coach at the University of South Carolina and the United States Military Academy at West Point. He served as the national president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as president of the National Football Coaches Association. While his accolades are too many to mention here, in Steve’s words. While he was well-known by everyone in the athletic world, he had a humility and love for people I’ve witnessed in very few men. He was my hero and a great example of a loving Christian father. The most valuable gift he gave to me was my introduction to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My life was blessed beyond compare by my special dad.


REV. CLIFF BARROWS, Billy Graham Association [deceased]It has been my privilege to have known Steve for many years, going back to his student days at Furman University. We thank God for his life and ministry. His enthusiasm and commitment to Christ is contagious, and I am confident his ministry will be a great blessing to all who hear him. I am very happy to commend him to you.

DR. ROY FISHProfessor of Evangelism, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Ft. Worth,  Texas [deceased]Because of his unusual gifts and rich background of experience, Steve Dietzel will be a tremendous blessing to any group who hears him. He talks the language of all ages, youth and parents as well. The quality of his life and the vitality of his message will be used to make a lasting impact for our Lord.

REV. JIMMY ROBERTSON, former Pastor, Milldale Baptist Church and International Ministries, Zachary, Louisiana: Steve Dietzel has a burning desire in his heart to be used of God in a supernatural way as he ministers to the lost as well as the saints. He is a gifted and anointed preacher and teacher. His ministry will be a blessing to any church family. Without any reservations, I can recommend him to your church for a revival , conference or any occasion.

DR. JERRY SUTTON, former Pastor, Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee: Steve Dietzel, a member of a former congregation is my friend and encourager. He is specially gifted in communicating the dynamics of the Christian life. Steve's enthusiasm is contagious and his love for the Lord is obvious. Having observed Steve closely I can say quite honestly that I have never known a more warm and genuinely caring man. He is a minister to people who hurt. I see Jesus in him. I recommend Steve highly.

DR. EDWIN YOUNGPastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas: It is my privilege to commend to you Stephen P. Dietzel. I was fortunate to have this young man on my church staff during a former pastorate, and I am confident of both his gifted competence and his "sold out" commitment to our Lord.

Stephen P. Dietzel

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