One of the most unique and innovative things ever done by Coach Paul Dietzel was to take a bunch of young athletes and convince them they were better than they wereso they were! He divided the small LSU Football team of about 33 players into three teams. The first team was called the White Team. They started on offense and defense, back in the day when a player played both ways. The second team was the Go Team and they played only offense. Then, Dad had discovered, from Terry and the Pirates comic strip, that the meanest and most vicious people in the world were the Chinese Bandits! The third team, that played only defense, became the most famous on that 1958 National Championship Team. They were the Chinese Bandits! Tiger Stadium receives a blast from the past as the Bandit fight song plays each time the LSU defensive team leaves the field after a successful effort. The Bandits live on - nearly 60 years later!

You and I also need a strong and notable defense to protect our financial futures. I’ve always sought unique and innovative ways that are not typical plans promoted by stock brokers or investment bankers. At the same time, my concern has always been to provide and protect safe retirement - with tax benefits. 

The Dietzels with over
100,000 of their best friends
in LSU's Tiger Stadium 2012
LSU 23 - South Carolina 21

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